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For Justin Crowder, it’s about making music that people will remember and relate to, invoking an unforgettable feeling. For his more popularly known moniker, JC, it’s all about “charisma” aka swagg!

He’s talking about his writing style, which is showcased in all of his songs but clearly apparent in his first independent single release, “Nobody Gotta Know” the once heavily rotated jingle that spews politely arrogant verses about taking a girl from her guy. “Everything I write is catchy; strong metaphors, fresh concepts, and captivating melodies that stick.”

Yet, its not arrogance. Its character built confidence. The 20-something singer/songwriter has many colorful tales surrounding his entry into the business!common, yet, vividly unusual stories of being cheated, of being broke, death threats and politics that tried to cut his progress short. The Nashville, TN native and Atlanta, GA resident understands that it’s all a part of the process. He was even forced involuntarily to go under the knife for vocal surgery three times! Doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center told JC they’d try to recover his “speaking voice” but singing again “probably just wouldn’t happen.” God obviously had another plan in mind because JC’s been crooning just fine every since. When JC presented a CD of recorded songs to his doctors shortly after his last surgery, they were stunned and brought to tears!!

JC has managed to work with some of music’s heaviest hitters. Names like, Rick Ross and Yung Joc and sharing the stage with artists like Usher, Kanye West, T.I. and many more; performing at everything from school pep rally’s to radio station and community events to major concerts including Atlanta’s largest show, Birthday Bash. JC is pleasant, humble, quite witty and even a little shy. But one thing stands above all these traits!JC is a STAR!

What separates the singer and songwriter from the droves of R&B hopefuls is he didn’t have to choose this path. Though he has been belting gospel classics professionally since he was 9, JC graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tennessee State University with a bachelor’s in business administration followed by a Master’s with a highly impressive 4.

0 GPA and was teaching high school as Justin Crowder by day and exploiting his creative talents as JC by night. JC utters, “A plan B is great but my heart is with the music.”

He has many, “And then!what happen was!” moments, things that should have made him throw in the towel but JC hung on. After gutting out a passenger van and filling it with his belongings, he began the short yet seemingly uncertain trek from Nashville to Atlanta. Being shuffled in and out of meetings when they arrived and literally leaving the city coveting and speechless at his natural abilities from live shows, writing, and the indie release of “Nobody Gotta Know”, JC was always content with being an “independent” singer/songwriter until “the right deal” presented itself. Furthermore, as a driven entrepreneur, JC plans to showcase his music and catapult his career even further with his company No.

2 Pencil Muzik, LLC which concentrates on publishing, production, and A&R aspects of the industry.


“You just don’t understand what I’ve been through,” he says finally relieved. “But I’ve just never been able to give up. I’m too competitive. It’s like quitting in the 4th quarter or dropping out of school your 2nd semester, senior year. Even if no one sees you quit, why would you? I’m just too close to give up!no matter what has happened on the way here.” JC has further made his mark in the industry writing for several major artists/producers and creating a demand for himself from a surplus of major record labels by being such an extremely successful global artist independently. His talents are further showcased on his newest album EARCANDY which is escorted by an international tour (Europe, Asia, etc). He affirms that it’s his best body of work; even better than his first album, All of Me which was a major online global success.


Where sex and scandal ravage through the airwaves, JC offers sensuality and feeling, and at times his music can merely be described as “cool.” His music is littered with hidden meanings and innuendos but it’s always backed with chart topping production and the stuff that hit songs are made of. His boyish good looks won’t make it hard for his fans to fall in love on sight, but it’s his ability to regurgitate his soul on wax that will cement his position and make him truly UNFORGETABLE.

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